Search free domains
If you are wondering how to register a web domain first, you have to take a few steps. The first step is to select the name you want to register. The second step is to check whether a name is free. If so, you're in luck, because it's really hard to find a free address, because most Internet domains are registered. If you're unable to find a free domain you will need to change the name and look on. Even when searching for domains you need to use the search engine of internet domains, you will find this feature in most domain registrars.
What to look for when registering a domain.
1.Opinie of domain registrar, check the internet, ask around other whether a company is reputable
2.Cena check carefully domain registration pricing. How much is the registration of the domain and how domain renewal.
New Year 2014 and a big change in the market of Internet domains. Already this year, the first new domains. But this is only the beginning, because it has to be more than 600 new domains still 2015.
I suppose that the new domain will not affect the global domain. Com. It has a strong position in the world of domains. This domain. Com many years will be the most popular extension in the world. The emergence of new tip does not threaten the palm of priority.
But you can not lekceważych New gTLD since entering the list of domains is a lot of very interesting domains. We do not know what will be the cost of registration and renewal. In fact, the situation is new, we have to wait for development.
Internet domain address that allows us to navigate the global network. Address like a man that is our home, apartment. If we want to get to the page with the weather knowing the address of the page, type known to us. Said domain is an address that consists of two values:
-domain name
-domain extension
weeby this domain name
. com is the domain extension
A good domain address like a good address our residence. A good domain address has several values​​: a simple name, easy to memorize, short address, proper extension